Commercial Emergency Alerts

Looking for alert notifications for an entire community? We can do that! Please reach out to for more details!

Our commercial alerts are designed to alert for single-address commercial entities such as a business, condominium, or apartment building.

Commercial alerts can be as narrow as 1/10 of a mile, and include priority ad-free delivery to up to 2 email and/or text addresses. Additional delivery endpoints are available if needed.

After submitting your subscription, you will be emailed additional directions to configure your alert notifications.

Save 10% by signing up for a 1 year subscription.

eFirstAlert is a technology-based solution, and there are many variables inside and outside of our control than can delay or prevent notification delivery.  Our notifications are NOT designed for life-saving applications, but for informational purposes.  We are unable to guarantee delivery of alerts.  Usage of the service implies agreement with these limitations.

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